Common Leverage is a progressive political action cooperative. First and foremost our members are advocates and volunteers for our shared cause. As well we offer political consulting services that include numerous cutting-edge technology solutions.

Our members are dedicated to the necessary work and civic responsibilities that the developing challenges of our time have presented to us all. As more and more citizens find themselves turning to explore and engage our current political system there is a growing consensus. Once you begin tearing away the convoluted matrix of noise and distraction prudent citizens can clearly see that it really comes down to common sense. While hardened interests and traditional ideological patterns deny the system-level challenges we face, and they cry out for the status quo, the common among us dispel fear for the necessary logic, this common sense.

In America we emerged from the great gains and growing pains of our 20th Century to still find ourselves the beneficiarie's of a system that set the global bar for middle-class living standards. But we have been poor stewards of this system and we now find ourselves confused, unaware, or divided over the correct way forward. At Common Leverage we want to save this system. But we understand that supply side lunacy and pure laissez-faire markets fail; they fail us all. We understand that we must use common sense and basic, clear logic to truly combat our shared problems. We understand that for any of us to thrive we need to have a strong middle-class. From the most modest working person to the largest and most profitable business enterprise, when the middle-class has disposable income they create and spark system-wide demand, and the engine roars forward.

But through developments spanning the last thirty years and culminating with the latest settling shifts of globalization we have all surprisingly found ourselves joined in a race to the bottom. Slowly, over time, we collectively abandoned a growing prosperous design and adopted a simple game of musical chairs, all unwittingly waiting for the music to stop. If we wish to save this system for us all we must come to our senses and engage. We must all detach from the day to day delusion that the problems of tomorrow will never come. The challenge has clearly been brought to us all today and there is no time to spare.

We Are Common - We Are Common Together - Together We Are Common Leverage